Audiosurf – Necrofantasia by ZUN


Necrofantasia by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
ネクロファンタジア – 上海アリス幻樂団
Album: 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy

Eraser – Ironmode

Oh man… I love Necrofantasia so much. So I thought the best way to experience it would be through Audiosurf, and I was right.

The song itself is tricky, but I wouldn’t say the hardest I’ve seen, just incredibly fun to play.

The run itself is me trying to beat the current high score, which I manage, though I feel that I would’ve broken the 600k mark if I didn’t make a bunch of mistakes I saw.

I tried this with extreme banking camera, I was nearly sick after…



This is the sped up version of my High Score run for pro difficulty. I thought it would be pretty cool to see how it looks when sped up, and I gotta say, pretty weird and strange, yet awesome.

Audio messes up around 1/2 way through… most probably due to me doing something wrong speeding up the audio at that point.

Anyway, have fun watching, not sure if I’ll do any more Audiosurf content (maybe Border of Life :3 )

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