Lost at Infinity II – Ranting + Short Review of Catherine!

for in summer they come

exams I do hate,

the time comes closer

And there was my attempt at writing a pseudo-haiku, if you could even call it that, sounds more like a rant, something which I’ve recently got very good at doing.

At the time of writing this I have just finished my first exam… 1 down 5 to go, well at least the next one is on Thursday. Other than revision, it has been the standard of bingeing on games, namely Diablo 3 (standard at the moment), my usual Touhou fare, and more interestingly, and the( focus of this post) Catherine.

A “short review” follows:

For those who don’t know what Catherine is, it is a puzzle-platformer with survival-horror and some social elements made by the Atlus Persona Team (and the reason I decided to pick up the game). It may seem like and ero-game from the cover, but is in fact far from it and actually has a very interesting story.

A killer baby… Catherine has it and more!

The basic premise of the game is that you play as Vincent Brooks, who after his long-term girlfriend Katherine begins talking about commitment and marriage, begins having strange nightmares. These nightmares get worse when he meets a girl named Catherine,who he begins having an affair with.


… or Katherine???

The game takes place in 2 stages over a period of roughly over 1 week. In the daytime stages you will talk with people and manage your relationship with Katherine and Catherine. While the majority of the game takes place in the nightmare world from which you have to escape from, easier said than done. To escape you have to guide Vincent up a tower of blocks by building a staircase performed by pushing and pulling blocks, again easier said than done.

Climb up a tower they said, it would be easy they said.

The part of the game I found most interesting was the non-linear morality system, which is much more subtle than most games, but greatly affects Vincent’s view of the world around him, and partly affects the many number of possible endings you can get.

Will you rest in peace?

To round off… the game is definitely not for everyone, however it is intriguing, and possibly worth taking a look at. I did find I enjoyed it, and would recommend it if it seems at all interesting.

Other than that… I don’t have much else to talk about, and with exams looming I better not procrastinate any longer and get back to work. Who am I kidding, I’m probably just going to get distracted again anyway!


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