A Journey Within Proteus – Through Life and Death – A 100th Post Special



A Note.

What follows is a recollection of an intriguing item called Proteus. About 2500 words. It is long, drawn out, and entirely pointless.  Muddles thoughts and bad grammar together. Mixed past, present, and future tenses. A rushed ending. Somewhere between it is either full of mild spoilers or philosophical ramblings, or maybe it is nothing at all.

Followed by an afterword of sorts.

It all comes down to the ramblings of a 20-year-old student on a day which he should have used more productively.




As I sat at my desk in the morning (or afternoon, I couldn’t really tell, I’d just woken up) where I was contemplating on what I should spend my day doing, on the Saturday 2nd February 2013. On an impulse of sorts I decided to purchase for $10 USD or around £6.50 GBP a curious little thing called Proteus.

There I sat hastily typing in my financial details over at http://www.visitproteus.com/ to grab a copy of the game on my Humble account. Soon after I grabbed my steam key, shoved it into my library with my other assortment of games I had yet to play, and had it downloaded and launched, all within a space of a minute.

I marveled at the menu screen, played around with the options menu, and then began what was supposedly a relaxing and intimate experience.


What on earth had I just bought!?

However without thinking about that any more about that I decided to explore this new environment.


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Audiosurf – Necrofantasia by ZUN


Necrofantasia by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
ネクロファンタジア – 上海アリス幻樂団
Album: 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy

Eraser – Ironmode

Oh man… I love Necrofantasia so much. So I thought the best way to experience it would be through Audiosurf, and I was right.

The song itself is tricky, but I wouldn’t say the hardest I’ve seen, just incredibly fun to play.

The run itself is me trying to beat the current high score, which I manage, though I feel that I would’ve broken the 600k mark if I didn’t make a bunch of mistakes I saw.

I tried this with extreme banking camera, I was nearly sick after…

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Short Notes: SSD vs HDD

Well, I picked up the Crucial M4 128GB SSD for my main boot drive, and I have to say, I underestimated the improvement in performance an SSD would give me over my old 300GB HDD.

HDD (Left) – SSD (Right)

Well… the data speaks for itself really.

Boot times have also drastically improved. From Cold-Boot to Desktop in just over 30 seconds.

Final thought: The next upgrade you do to your computer is to purchase an SSD, and recently there have been large price drops in the 128GB to 256GB range.

I got my Crucial M4 128GB SSD for just over £75 (~$120), but even 256 GB drives are coming down in price now reaching the £150 mark (~$230).

So what are you waiting for… go get an SSD!

Are Numbers Real???

Or in other words… Do Numbers Exist?

If this video is anything to go by, my entire physics course could be a lie.

Well probably not, but the guys over at numberphile & the University of Nottingham Philosophy Department pose an interesting discussion into what numbers actually are (or could be), and how different schools of thought interpret them.

So are you a Platonist, a Nominalist, or a Fictionalist?

I don’t know which group I fall into, since my views on numbers are a mixture of the 3 groups. So watch the video to find if you agree with any of the views.

Lost at Infinity II – Ranting + Short Review of Catherine!

for in summer they come

exams I do hate,

the time comes closer

And there was my attempt at writing a pseudo-haiku, if you could even call it that, sounds more like a rant, something which I’ve recently got very good at doing.

At the time of writing this I have just finished my first exam… 1 down 5 to go, well at least the next one is on Thursday. Other than revision, it has been the standard of bingeing on games, namely Diablo 3 (standard at the moment), my usual Touhou fare, and more interestingly, and the( focus of this post) Catherine.

A “short review” follows:

For those who don’t know what Catherine is, it is a puzzle-platformer with survival-horror and some social elements made by the Atlus Persona Team (and the reason I decided to pick up the game). It may seem like and ero-game from the cover, but is in fact far from it and actually has a very interesting story.

A killer baby… Catherine has it and more!

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